Madeleine Billy Haas - psychotherapist, life and retirement coach

Retirement Coaching

Retirement Coaching opens the world of possibility through exploration of your SELF. When there is possibility there is opening of the heart and mind and the journey can begin. Bring Your SELF to Life™ is about bringing your SELF to a place where you feel centered and whole. We often forget to bring our SELF to life because we just don’t see our SELF as important. As your coach I will guide you on the journey to your present SELF and forward to your retired SELF.

I will help you set reachable goals around issues of retirement no matter if it is just entering your awareness, you are already there, or maybe somewhere in between. I will work with you to attain these goals through creating positive self worth and finding your best SELF. I will help you learn to trust your gut and be vulnerable enough to go with it, there is no right or wrong, just you being you no matter what. Through our work together you will learn the importance of SELF and the art of self care as well as the ability to maintain the insights gained through our work together.

What is Retirement Coaching?

I am a Retirement Options Certified Coach. The work I do is based on looking at retirement not necessarily as the proverbial golden years but rather the next stage in your life, a new beginning if you will. I use an assessment tool, created by Retirement Options, called the Retirement Options Profile, which will give you and me a picture of how ready you are for retirement or if you are already retired what areas could you work on to make it more satisfying. The assessment will evaluate health and wellness, hobbies, what you like or don’t like, how you like to fill your day, your passions, as well as your financial picture and whether or not you want to continue working with the possibility of a new career. Simply, it looks into many different aspects of your life to assess what might get in the way of a successful retirement, present or future. It will help you see that there are options and that retirement is not black and white. Once the assessment is completed I will follow up with you to discuss the outcome. At this point you have the option to take the information and go forward on your own or we can schedule a time to create some goals and work together to create a successful plan for retirement.

Retirement Coaching Parameters

  • It is based in the present, not in the past and is client driven
  • There is no psychotherapy component, however I will refer you for psychotherapy should it be deemed that would be a more important route to travel before Retirement Coaching can begin
  • It is not covered by your health insurance resulting in a fee for service arrangement
  • Coaching can take place face to face or over the telephone, sometimes both depending on your geographic location. The best way to work with clients becomes apparent after the relationship has been established….there are no rules governing the process.

Bring Your SELF to LIFE™

  • I offer an initial conversation, AT NO CHARGE, to talk about Bringing Your SELF to Life in retirement and what it means to you. It is a time for you to ask any questions you may have about Retirement Coaching and to explore if we will make a good coaching team.
  • Everyone’s coaching needs are different resulting in individual coaching structure to meet each persons needs.
  • I am happy to discuss my fees, feel free to ask